Kinesiology Taping Course

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Kinesiology Taping Course

About this course

This new online course is based on my hugely popular clinic-based training and uses my Amazon Bestselling book "A Practical Guide To Kinesiology Taping".

Any physical therapist involved with assessing, treating and rehabilitating sports related injuries, or even patients that present with back and neck pain, will need to master Kinesiology Taping.

Kinesiology taping is definitely the current buzzword in the field of sports medicine. This brightly coloured tape is now a very common sight at all major sporting events throughout the world and is even seen at some recreational activities. Therefore, therapists need to master the techniques. They are relatively simple to learn and once applied in a specific way can improve the performance of an athlete as well as reducing any pain and swelling.

This course will give you a better understanding of both why and when to apply the Bodymaster Method® of Kinesiology Taping. It outlines how to effectively treat over 50 of the most common sports related injuries, with the application of scientifically proven kinesiology taping methods (KTMs), and includes treatment guidelines for specific areas of the body that a patient/athlete might present with at a physical therapy clinic, e.g. lower back, sacroiliac joint (SIJ) and cervical spine (neck).

Key Benefits:

  • The full book is included (PDF Format)
  • More than 35 Instructional Videos
  • Covers more treatments than the Clinic-Based Course
  • Work at your own pace
  • Gain the Bodymaster Certificate for K-Taping (Counts towards your Bodymaster Practitioner Diploma)
  • Get 21 CPD points

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Course Structure

  • Read First! How To Use This Course
  • Module 1. Overview of Kinesiology Taping
  • Module 2. Kinesiology Taping Techniques for the Lower Limbs
  • Module 3. Kinesiology Taping Techniques for the Knee Joint
  • Module 4. Kinesiology Taping Techniques for the Anterior/Posterior Thigh
  • Module 5. Kinesiology Taping Techniques for the Lower Back, Trunk and Pelvis
  • Module 6. Kinesiology Taping Techniques for the Upper Back and Neck
  • Module 7. Kinesiology Taping Techniques for the Upper Limbs
  • Module 8. Kinesiology Taping Techniques for the Forearm, Hand and Wrist
  • Module 9. Kinesiology Taping Techniques to Control Oedema (Swelling)